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Understanding The Eye

Eye Anatomy.webp

The eye is just like a camera. The cornea is like the lens cover and protects the front of the eye. The lens is just like a lens in a camera. If the lens gets dirty (called cataract), then the pictures you take will be blurry. 

And then there is the Retina, which is like the film in a camera. If the whole camera is working but the film is defective, the pictures will also be blurry. 

The Retina covers the back of the eye in a very thin layer - like delicate wallpaper. Thinner than the tip of a needle! 

Normal Retina.png
Retina Photo 2.png

This is a high definition ultrasound of the retina. The retina should look smooth, with layers stacked on top of each other - like layers of a cake.





The center (blue square) is the fovea - which is responsible for the very center of your vision. IT should be smooth like this, with a little dip. Your retina specialists are primarily focused and trained on diseases that affect these microscopic, delicate layers of the eye. 

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