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These are the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you have a specific question that is not answered here: Send Us A Message with your inquiry. 

Q: What is a retina specialist exactly?

A: In the world of eye care there are optometrist, ophthalmologists, and ophthalmologic specialists. A retina specialist pursues extra training to focus on diseases of the retina and is the last line of defense against most vision threatening diseases and conditions. Retina specialists attend medical school for 4 years, an additional 4 years of ophthalmology residency, followed by an additional 2 years of retina training. 

Q: Why was I referred to a retina specialist?

A: Certain eye conditions can be urgent or emergent and require advanced treatment options best performed by a retina-trained physician. Because of the delicate nature of the retina (a layer that is thinner than a human hair!) accurate and timely evaluation is critical to prevent future vision loss. Your physician may have felt that your condition requires a specialized evaluation. See Conditions We Treat

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