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Why see a Retina Specialist

A retina specialist is a very specific eye doctor who focuses entirely on problems that affect the cells responsible for your vision. As a specialty clinic our doctors train for more than 10 years in order to accurately and responsibly treat this very important layer of the eye. Retina specialists are different than optometrists and general ophthalmologists, who provide general eye care, glasses prescriptions, and/or perform cataract surgery.

While many eye care providers can identify and treat a variety of retinal conditions - our retina specialists all completed a two-year vitreo-retinal surgical and medical fellowship - which allows them to address both complex and non-complex issues with the utmost confidence. 

The Path to Being a Vitreoretinal Specialist and Surgeon

Medical School
+ 4 years 

All ophthalmologists are medical doctors and must have completed medical school. 

Ophthalmology Residency
+ 4 years

After 4 years of focused training, all residents become certified general ophthalmologists. General ophthalmologists receive generalized training in all facets of eye care, including cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye. General ophthalmologists 'rotate' for several months - through each specialty - including retina, and can perform some of the procedures required for treatment. 

Medical Retina Fellowship 
+ 1 year

After residency, some residents choose to pursue a fellowship focused solely on retinal care. There are one and two-year fellowships. The one year fellowship provides an abridged training program for medical retina only. 

Surgical Retina Fellowship 
+ 1 year

Most candidates will choose to compete for a coveted two-year vitreo-retinal fellowship, which includes an extra year of medical retina training, but more importantly, surgical training, which allows graduates to handle any and all ocular complications that can arise from treatment and other retinal problems, like retinal detachment or macular hole.  

Total: 10 years of post-college medical training.

Several of our doctors have completed added training in medical research, ocular oncology, and uveitis. 

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